Rice House Closing 24/9/17

Liefste Klanten die vrienden geworden:

Wegens familialie redenen zal Rice House jammer genoeg zijn de deuren sluiten aan het einde van de maand. Onze laatste dag wordt zondag 24 september. Dank je allen voor uw steun en vriendschap in de afgelopen jaren.

For the love of rice and for the love of family…always.

Rice House will be closing its doors this month. The last day of operations: Sunday, September 24th.  Thank you all for your patronage and friendship of the years.  


Rice House is Ghent’s original Korean Takeaway! 
Opened in May, 2014
Located in Evergem, offering a cold and hot menu, small and large portions available.
Specials every month.


Dished by Jun Song, 2003 winner of Big Brother U.S!
Sushi, Rice Bowls, Noodles, Homemade Kimchi and Take-Home Sushi Kits…
Everything Taste-Test Approved by Sous-Chef Noah.

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